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Your own style – Celesta

Your own style – CELESTA

Every era has its own style following the latest trends of Paris, New York or London. Our goal is to always provide you with the latest jewelry and accessory inspirations from the world of haute couture. Our CELESTA trend spotters intimately know the ins and outs of the fashion capitals of the world and give valuable input to our creative jewelry designers and goldsmiths regarding colors and designs for the current jewelry collection – no matter the season – spring, summer, autumn or winter.


Discover the latest trends in jewelry this upcoming spring/summer 2018!

This year is going to be exciting! Great colours and extraordinary patterns – this is the time for creative combinations without limits!

Floral designs still are one of the biggest trends this year – with one addition: jungle and tropical patterns with bright colours! The newest pieces of jewelry reconcile this with their shape and colour of the stones used. CELESTA wants to inspire you and give you a selection of matching earrings, rings and necklaces like the rosegold plated set with cubic zirconia and sy. cateye from the CELESTA Silver collection.

Further fashion trends are the off-shoulder or one-shoulder look as well as the so called layering – in jewelry-language this means there´s plenty of space for long earrings and necklaces:) For those who love the athletic style, the so called Athleisure-Look will offer lots of great combinations – and with CELESTA you will find matching hoop earrings of every size and small earstuds that go very well with this style. Last but not least a little ´hello´ from the world of emojis: not only smileys but also symbols like hearts and stars are back to enter the world of jewelry. With this in mind: <3

Discover now our trendy and elegant CELESTA collections CELESTA 925-Sterling Silver, CELESTA Gold Edition and CELESTA Diamonds at our partners´ jewelry shops, departments stores or online shops.


Trend Colour Red/Pink – Which jewerly fits?

Fashion magazines are spreading it already – red and pink are the new colours to be worn this year 2018! But what kind of jewelry goes along with these intense colours?

Generally every jewelry shade is a perfect fit for those colours: with rosé you´ll stay in the same colour scheme which practically means that your outfit will look perfectly harmonious. Silver jewelry or white gold will give your look a cool and elegant touch, whereas shades of gold brightens up the red in your clothes as it´s the complementary colour which makes your outfit louder and also more festive at the same time. All in all great colours – let´s bring them on!

PS: Pantone officially announced ultra-violet as the colour of the year 2018, so how about wearing some amethyst?:)

Enjoy the latest trends with CELESTA jewelry!