About Celesta

Heavenly feminine with Celesta

Heavenly feminine with Celesta

Our name is our credo: Celesta is just like the light sound of a beautiful wind chime as it plays its song in a gentle breeze. Derived from the French „céleste“ meaning „divine“, Celesta is truly divine with a glorious aura of heaven on earth in every single piece of our expertly designed jewelry collection.

Femininity, charisma and attractiveness

Since 2007, the Celesta jewelry collection for women represents these virtues. Wearing these fashionable pieces of jewelry, whether it is a Celesta ring or necklace, you can accentuate your own individual style while staying true to yourself. We use differing, yet high-quality materials, which highlight your personal sense of taste. Whether assertive or light-hearted, classic or trendy, silver or gold jewelry: Celesta will reflect your particular personality with decorative accessories and tastefully designed pieces of jewelry.

What are your favorites – pearls, zirconia stones skillfully set by hand? Do you like to wear classic sterling silver or simple gold jewelry? Or could it be you prefer beautiful sparkling, colored stones for that special occasion?

The jewelry collections Celesta Sterling Silver, Celesta Diamonds and Celesta Gold Edition will live up to your expectations in a tasteful manner. In order for you to enjoy your gem for a very long time, our collections are compatible with each other. That way, they will never be out of style.

Whether necklaces, earrings, hoop earrings, bracelets or rings: As we travel the world of jewelry, our trend spotters search for the latest fashion statements to meet our clients’ high expectations. Our collections always strive to achieve this high quality and high proficiency in the craft of gold work for many years but still at a price you can afford. Our collections are available online at our partners’ jewelry shops, at department stores or at retail.

Simply divine!